Soupy mac and cheese recipe But it thickens as it cools. The Cooks Illustrated version has more sauce here still hot and a bit soupy. But I like mine straight-up creamy. Return macaroni to pan and add butter; toss to melt. Pour egg mixture over macaroni and heat on low, stirring. When hot, add cheese and turn off heat. Stir until cheese melts. Sauce will seem very soupy but thickens as it cools. Serves Notes If you like crunch, top with toasted bread crumbs or crumbled crackers.

To make toasted breadcrumbs: Bake at degrees F for minutes and sprinkle on top before serving the macaroni. Cheese gets grainy when heated too much. To maintain creaminess, reheat very gently — low heat on stovetop, low oven, half power in microwave — adding a little milk if needed. Awesome cant wait to make all if it!

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I should be able to take this mac and cheese recipe and adapt it for the Salmon Pasta recipe in the cookbook. Save Recipe Print Review. And thank you for the tip about adding paprika or garlic salt He thanks you for this recipe!! Great recipe! I have a recipe that I'm used in the past that I love, but it has a couple of sticks of butter in that, and let's face it, that's gonna send me right to the gym. I hope you love this if you try, Maggie!

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More about me Did you see my dream kitchen featured on the Kitchn? Thanks to lovely managing editor Faith Durand for a fantastic visit and for sharing my balsamic vinaigrette with her readers. This has got to be the single BEST dressing in the world. Erin — thanks for letting me know you liked this mac and cheese. Thanks for letting me know. I made this last night for my husband, brother, and sister, and they all loved it.

Definitely a winner! I have another mac and cheese recipe that I really like, but it is baked and uses smoked Gouda cheese. This one is so much faster and more appealing for picky eaters. Thanks for sharing!

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Another winning recipe! I made this last night minus ham and peas as a side for bbq pork. This was very easy and extremely rich and creamy. Another recipe in the rotation. Becky — thank you for commenting to let me know that you liked this side for BBQ pork — it sounds like a delicious combination!

I made it for dinner tonight. I emptied out the cheese drawer and used Monterrey jack, Colby jack, cheddar, and a little bit of chihuahua cheese. Michelle — thanks for checking back in to let me know you liked this. So glad that it turned out for you! Oh, consider yourself wildly hugged!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I made this last week and found Heaven on Earth! Thanks for building up my confidence in homemade macaroni. It had always turned me off for some reason- but this!

This is simple beautiful. We gobbled and gobbled! The water will bring back the creamyness. I discovered this when trying to think of how to have a nice hot plate for my husband when he arrived home late from work. Thank you for the recipe! This sounds awesome. I tried your pizza dough recipe that real mom kitchen posted this past Saturday and loved it. So did my hubby. It is a family favorite of ours, too. Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks for the tip on reheating! I just have to thank you for saving my dinner. I had seven picky kids to feed and a half hour to do it. Every single one of them loved it! They are all so picky, but thanked me and said it was sooo good! I have tried every mac n cheese out there and this one was the easiest by far.

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It was also the best! That is what I was wondering. I love how in the majority of your recipes you mention whether or not the hot sauce will make it hot or not. I love homemade mac and cheese and like you, have struggled to find one that works well with real cheese! Thanks for posting this. We have macaroni and cheese at least once a week. I struggle with the homemade recipes. Will be trying this one soon. Looks good. Thanks for the comment, Melanie! I skipped the roasted tomatoes as well as the chicken last night just to keep things simple, and it was still great.

Thanks so much!

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I have been using a Rachel Ray one for a long time but mine usually turns out grainy. It tastes good but the texture is a bit to be desired. I shall definitely try this out and let you know how it goes. Evelyn — so glad you liked this! I agree that it is a winner of a recipe because it is so easy to put together. I also agree it is best eaten right away! I hope if you use the right cheeses, it will taste a bit better. Molly — thanks for your sweet comment! Natalie — thanks for listing your variations corn instead of peas.

It just helps enhance the flavor and give a little more depth to the mac and cheese. This was a hit tonight. I had some leftover salmon so I threw it in with the peas and it was super delish. Thanks for another great recipe. Three words: This is a great family-friendly recipe. One thing…it is definatly something to eat as soon as it is done. The longer it sits, the less creamy it is. Thanks Melanie!! Lauren — thanks for the comment! Thanks for sharing. I made this a couple of weeks ago and my little family all loved it. I hate to leave it out if it will make the dish even more tasty.

Thanks again I love your blog! I'm Mel and food is my love language. My other love language? Sharing the best of the best recipes with all of you! I'm so happy you are here. Orange Cashew Rice with Baked Tilapia.

Sweet Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin. Smoky Corn Chowder. Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla Pie. Loaded Romaine Salad.

French Bread Pizza. Prep Time: Cook Time: Total Time: New Posts. Monthly Newsletter. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Mary Ellen — October 5, 5: Mel — October 5, Laura Mourtgos — July 21, 6: Mel — July 21, 9: Carrie — February 17, 9: Luz Castro — February 8, 2: Ellisa Barr — January 31, 9: Denise Staten — December 27, Janet — December 19, 7: Mel — December 19, 9: I worry it might dry out a little, though.

Nicole — December 18, 5: Lacey — December 3, 1: My family loves this. Thank you again for another amazing recipe. Brittany — October 6, 6: Mel — October 6, 9: Leah — September 26, Mel — September 26, 3: Sara S — September 11, 2: Suzanne — June 22, 3: Mel — June 22, Sandra — June 21, 4: Mel — June 21, Sandra — June 22, 5: Jeri Lynn — May 2, 2: Mel — May 3, 7: Mel — April 4, 9: Kelli — June 4, 7: Mel — June 4, Lindsay — February 4, 3: Mel — February 4, 8: Melissa — October 9, 5: Victoria — October 6, 1: Jodee — August 10, 5: Heather — August 10, 2: Karen — March 21, 9: Jamie — March 10, 2: Jamie — March 10, 1: Thank you, Mel!

Lori — November 25, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mel — November 25, 5: Deb — November 19, 9: Kayla — November 5, 8: Mel — November 5, 9: Mariel — September 25, 5: This is hands down the best mac n cheese recipe I have tried. My girls absolutely loved it!!!! Mel — August 27, 9: Sarah — August 19, 7: Sarah — August 3, 8: Mel — August 4, 2: Tisa — June 19, 8: Mel — June 21, 9: Heather McDonald — June 11, 6: Gina — June 11, Mel — June 11, 2: Gina — June 12, 3: Mel — July 16, 9: Amy G — May 31, 9: Mel — May 31, Sharon — May 3, 8: Mel — May 5, 2: CC — March 24, Natasha — February 27, 8: Teacher — February 21, 4: Mel — February 22, 9: Kelly — February 25, 9: Vanessa — January 17, 7: Lien — January 1, Robin — December 20, Pam — December 7, 3: Shannon — December 7, 1: Jess — December 1, 6: Army of 7 — October 4, 4: Busy mommy — September 24, Amy — September 24, Rebecca — September 20, 3: Stacy W.

So good and so easy. My oldest had seconds and even warmed up the leftovers later in the day. Amy — September 3, 5: This recipe was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing. Kirstin — September 1, Mel — September 1, 1: SuzieQ — August 17, 6: Loved this! Not only did it taste awesome, but it was super easy to make. Paige — August 14, 6: Susan — July 27, 6: Deb — July 16, 9: Chandler — July 13, 6: Lauren — July 1, 3: Alexis — June 17, 7: Sarah — June 11, 9: Allie — June 3, 7: Amanda — May 20, 8: Momof2 — May 16, 7: Mel — May 16, 8: Melissa Bless this Mess — May 13, 8: Diane K — May 12, 7: Roseanna — March 24, 5: Laura — March 7, 9: I have no idea how to make it like that.

The kind I'm thinking of is like Luby's cafeteria as a TX point of reference. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Serving mac 'n' cheese made from a box is convenient, but it doesn't deliver the creamy, cheesy goods like the homemade stuff can. Try stepping away from the box, and surrender yourself to the teachings of Erin Wade and Allison Arevalo, co-owners of Homeroom in Oakland, California.

They have a few simple tricks to help make your mac 'n' cheese flavorful and creamy every time.

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