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Ultra-Slim Portable DVD Burner & Drive with M-DISCâ„¢ Support
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Thanks to it, during the playback, the drive automatically determines multimedia type, adjusts the optimal reading speed, and reduces the noise. The drive is compatible with the M-Disk technology so that you could save all your important information for a long time. This kind of disks are more durable and even in 10 years, all your data will be stored without distortion. A wide range of features makes it an irreplaceable purchase for everyone. With the help of CyberLink software technology, you will easily write a disc with a movie or music you want to enjoy later. And the Disc Encryption technology is the way to protect your data from outsiders by using a password.

Its diamond-cut design with a shimmering finish creates unmatched light effects on the top cover of the USB external CD drive. At the end of this external DVD writer review, we would like to stress that you will also receive a stand in the package.

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This stand will allow you to place your external DVD drive upright, thus saving some space on your desk. Straight lines, rounded corners, cold metal, and no external moving parts. Everything unnecessary was taken away, only the functionally useful parts were left.

You will not have to worry about the lost cord, as this Mac external DVD drive has its cord firmly fixed to the body. Our age is the age of increasing performance capabilities and at the same time of minimizing sizes for portable electronic devices. Every manufacturer strives to make their products smaller, and often it means sacrificing some features. More and more laptops nowadays come without internal optical drives, and Ultrabooks are the whole class of devices that does not have this type of drive. Several software products are released on optical discs only even today.

With an external DVD drive, you can always read, copy, or write burn an optical disc. And with its small size and light weight, it can be used anywhere and anytime. The hub will multiply the number of your USB ports. And if you like the USB flash drives but need more storage space, then you will find it useful to look through our external hard drives review with their hundreds of Gigabytes of data right there in your pocket. There are three types of discs that are the most popular: By ways of using different technologies, these types of discs differ in the amount of data they can store.

If it's just a small video or a few hundreds of photos, then a DVD drive is more than enough for you. These discs are very popular and widespread.

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And for high-quality and high-resolution video, backup copies of your operation system, or data storage Blu-ray discs will be more suitable. Large storage space of such discs will handle these tasks best.

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It stands to reason that different types of discs require different drive types with different technologies. But such drive will not read a Blu-ray disc. Choose a Blu-ray supporting drive, and any of the types we mentioned above will be accessible to you. Manufacturers usually indicate it by numbers with an "x" letter. The "1x" speed of a DVD disc means 1.

Samsung 8x Slim external dvd writer REVIEW and how to use with macbook, macbook air,iMac ,mac mini

A 6x Blu-ray will burn a standard disc in 15 minutes. June 28, Leave a comment as or Logout. In this case, external drives come to help us. Read more Read less. BEST Best Pick. Check Price on Amazon.

Apple USB SuperDrive

Reading Speed. Writing Speed. Buffer Memory. Reasonable Price. Mine is 1. I would get this one if I were you: Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Both Sony and HP rebadge drives from other manufacturers, sometimes even rebadging Lite-On brand drives. That Sony drive you pointed to is not a real sony drive. If you care for the best money can buy, don't get a Sony.

Get a Plextor UF external. It has USB and Firewire. You actually either need to modify the firware from scratch or hope that some else smarter than you does it and wait for it to be posted on the net. All your point's being?? Every company re-badges things I'll continue to trust brands that have worked for me for years on end.

But Cheers! I'm being serious with that question, not sarcastic. Been doing it for a while. But with a PC. I bought a Mac. First time Mac user too. I hated it then. I thought I would give the new Macs a try. It's day 3 on the new MacBook Pro. So far so good. I did find out the answer about the DVD burner: I'm very impressed so far as it works perfectly with Toast 7. How many movie editors like to burn early edits to DVD for feedback and sharing? This lets you use an older Mac that has an optical drive as a remote disc player, which you can use to access data and play movies but not audio.

You can also choose to make virtual copies of DVDs you need to keep around on another Mac that has an optical drive if you have access to one. However, with literally millions of CDs and DVDs still sold every year, it would probably be useful for many Mac users to learn exactly what kind of future they should plan for when it comes to playing and writing the CDs and DVDs they may already own.

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