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BBEdit Lite Mindexpander is a simple utility to expand. Unless otherwise noted, programs are in a. When started, the Disk Copy utility automatically mounts it and shows you the files. Have not tested these in all versions of OS X. We have tried CocoaZip up to This is a utility that makes it as easy as a commercial program such as Roxio Toast Lite. For Mac OS But getting to it, with their command line interface, could be tricky.

Take it from someone who found out the hard way! CocoaZip simplifies everything by putting Unix file compression gzip, zip, tar, etc. It comes in a Unix tar file, which Stuffit Expander should open very nicely. This is the free 2. Thanks to David for putting me on to this. This little program helps you find wireless networks with your AirPort only.

It does nothing of the sort. The OS recognized that it was capable of opening those files which otherwise had not file type or application binding, and so it used TextWrangler's icon for those files. However, the files are unmodified, and if you want to you can select one of them and use the Finder's "Get Info" command to change the binding for all files of that type.

Well, for that matter, so do most other text editors. Typically, all you have to do is pick 1 file with the offending extension, then open the Finder's "Get Info" inspector, and switch the default app with the "Open With" part. Shouldn't take 20 minutes I had the same experience with the trial of BBedit. Now when i come across a changed file i will just change it back. But just for the record BBEdit Lite offers "Single- and multi-file search and replace" and also "Supports a bunch of BBEdit's plug-ins", both of which are listed as new features in the hint.

But, I would recommand TW now as it's more up to date than BBEdit Lite which has not been updated for long and offers less features for the same price.

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About completions, why not try: Another new feature of TextWrangler is support for BBEdit's Text Factories, which enables you to apply numerous text transformations to multiple files. But I have to agree, Tex-Edit Plus is also highly scriptable, but a little bit more expensive now, if we consider that this news was mainly motivated by BareBones decision to offer TW and to refund people who had bought version 1, which is rare. I once used BBEdit Lite as my editor of choice, then migrated as it aged. After trying many editors, I've settled on nedit, an editor that rarely seems to be mentioned in the context of free editors.

It'll be interesting to see if the now-free TextWrangler regains my mind-share. For those you have yet to settle on one editor or a flexible about it, do look at TextWrangler. I can recommend it. Let's compare some aspects of the two. Might help to put TW into perspective for some, perhaps.

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Enough for me. TW has a graphical diff, although you can get this via Apple's Developer Tools also. Unix diff is so bad I wrote my own replacement Editing over FTP could be useful and may compensate for the lack of a Linux edition by accessing the Linux files over the local network. I certainly will continue to use nedit on Linux, however. Nice to see TW can use sftp vs. The Cocoa interface and proper Apple key bindings will definitely help - one peeve I do have with nedit is the use of control key strokes; it is consistent within nedit across platforms, but inconsistent with Apple nedit is X-based.

The use of a drawer TW rather than tabs nedit to switch between open documents is interesting; drawers take more screen space, but allow full filenames and more files to be visible. Both TW and nedit have a pull-down menu in addition to the tabs or drawer. Both applications can have multiple windows with several documents in each. In both you can move documents from one window to another, although TW's approach is cleaner. Drag the name in the document drawer to the drawer in the other window.

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If you drag the name to an empty open window, as opposed to the drawer, the contents of the document are copied to the new window, leaving the old document in the original window - that'll be very useful for working with templates. The implementation of this very slick, typical of good OSX apps. Better stop boring! I hope this gives a quick glimpse at TW's abilities. Am I missing out on something here? It handles projects, multiple languages, and just about everything I need.

Plus it comes with your mac. Could anyone tell me why this is not a good idea? How does jEdit www. That's what I've been using and I am very happy with most of the features it offers.

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I would like to see it handle large files better though. I would sure like to see a text editor shootout to compare features.

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Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. A full-featured and now free text editor Jan 19, '05 The macosxhints Rating: But at Macworld Expo, they announced a new price: TextWrangler takes the best of the old free BBEdit Lite, and adds a bunch of useful new features, including: TextWrangler has many of BBedit's features, and most of its look and feel, for a lot less money.

For me, it does nearly anything I think I could ever need in a text editor -- I only marked it down for two reasons. First, I like to be able to view multiple documents in one split-screen window; you can't do that in TextWrangler or BBedit, for that matter. In TextWrangler, you have to type the closing tags yourself.

But for free, it's really hard to beat the feature set in TextWrangler. As an added bonus, if you're in the market for the full BBEdit program, you should download and register TextWrangler. A full-featured and now free text editor 43 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.

If you want a very powerful editor, which has everything you wanted and more, and yet for free, check out the Carbonized Emacs distributions. Or if you google for "Carbonized emacs", you can find a. Fixed a couple of layout glitches in the "Replace All" options panel for text factories. When dragging text from an editing view, any custom highlighting diff ranges, Live Search highlights, etc is now hidden. Fixed a bug in which entering a serial number for an older version of BBEdit in the "Enter License" panel would report an invalid serial number, when it should have reported that the serial number was for an older version.

Fixed a bug in which using the "Open" menu command to open a file from a directory with a file already open would create a situation on macOS This was pretty obscure, but could happen more frequently with certain usage patterns which involved opening multiple files from the same location, one at a time. Safe and free downloads are made possible with the help of advertising and user donations. Please disable your ad-blocker to continue using FileHippo.

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For a lot of sysadmins, that makes it significantly less useful. It has features common to most programming text editors, such as syntax highlighting for various programming languages, a find and replace function with regular expression support, spell check, and data comparison. Views Read Edit View history. I vote for Smultron as well. Later TextWrangler 2. I currently have no files associated with TextWrangler But will soon.

Download Latest Version View more Description Technical Change Log. Other benefits include: Built in support for Subversion and Perforce. Integration with Apple Automator. Batch processing of text transformations across multiple files. Support for Exuberant Ctags for source code navigation. Read More Read Less File size: Mac OS X. Multiple languages. Date added: July 16,