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Search results for 'Coke' Therefore a sufficient salary adjustment addressed is the impact on the economy and especially is necessary to cover part of the loss in purchasing power on inflation. The operating at full employment, an increase in salary leads government should elaborate solutions which benefit all to an increase in the costs of production and therefore citizens and not part of them as it did with the drivers. On the other hand, empirical studies These discriminatory solutions are bound to be badly show that, when an economy is operating below full conceived.

The studies show that under the then are the acceptable rates of increase favorable to latter, a salary increase pushes businesses to organize both parties which will be negotiated under the auspices themselves better i. Obviously, the public expects Therefore a moderate salary increase under conditions the government to be an efficient and honest mediator of underemployment will improve the social climate inspiring confidence in both parties and among the and help businesses adjust their administrative and public at large.

I propose the following scheme by technical operations to the benefit of the economy and tranches where the first L. Obviously these corrections are to half the overall inflation index as measured by the applied to salary levels preceding the last adjustment. Businesses can easily For example, a salary of L. Government employees may have to wait adjustment in so many years.

Moreover, the labor policy for the new budget to come out in the next few weeks of the government should go beyond salary adjustments before a decision can be taken. The private sector can to concern about improving the productivity of labor apply it immediately. This productivity can be helped by properly investing in education, training and development for management and workers.

These two men and getting acquainted. All around were smiling, explained how their lives changed, bringing regrets, and excited faces… we had new names to memorise, and how they are currently trying to keep the young aware encountered different languages and dialects.

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The enough not to make the same mistakes they made. We began the program by defining change, as it was the main theme of the training. Zoryana Borbulevych from Ukraine was the main moderator of the programme. Last but not least, Mr. Is it really achievable? But we, human beings, are afraid of it. That was what Inside Change was all about. You have to Marwen Ben Alaya know yourself and listen to yourself in order to change, and to act upon that change.

It was a very personal training, with the main aim of just being YOU. Neither your car, nor your diploma, not even your family makes you purely just Yourself. We are all part of this universe, and the universe is part of us. You have a duty not only towards yourself, but also towards the other. Rhea Dagher Poem written by Rhea Dagher: Quiet time is how we start our days Sharing stories and thoughts settles you down.

Honesty How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and truly smiled? Purity How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and truly seen what your eyes have to say? Unselfishness How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and given yourself the strength to give someone else something they need? How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and just hugged yourself?

Be honest to yourself so that you can honestly smile to others, Be pure from inside so that others can see the true you. Let unselfishness be your mirror, Love yourself so that you lovingly hug the other. The Golden Rule in all religions: Treat the other as you want the other to treat you… and also treat yourself as you want others to treat you… Four absolute values Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness, Love. I awoke and saw that life was service. During the Conference Visiting Missolonghi, Greece, for the first time, we felt like the use of citations and mention of critics and authors being home.

Not only does it have the same Mediterranean who commented on this issue, and simply declared what biosphere, but the people there are extremely friendly and she truly believed. Her paper was one of the many which warm hearted, so I felt as if I were a part of a larger family. From the University of Virginia, Ms. Anna Radcliffe After our registering for the conference, our cultural discussed language in politics, so we all learned how activities began with a visit to the Municipal Museum language can be the most important weapon in war and of History and Art, which is located in down-town also in politics.

Professor D. Radcliffe, who happens to be Missolonghi. In the middle of the crowd of participants, Ms. It is very easy to access, and gallery, paving the way for sacred peace and quiet. Hubbell, from Susquehanna University, and some before. These paintings reflect the situation in presented his paper on the Elgin Marbles. The conference Greece at the time of its liberation from Ottoman rule; they not only added to our previous information about certain reveal a sense of patriotism marking the spirit of its town.

During the evening, the official conference reception The following day, Professor G. Kokkonis from the Music dinner started with the Lebanese folk ballet dance by Ms. The rhythm of Greek music was energetic between certain moods and effects evoked by musical and expressive of the nature of the Greek way of life. The Quick steps enlivened the feeling of friendship, love and conference, as I mentioned previously, took on a cultural acceptance of the other. Much as in the Lebanese folk curve of different perspectives of authors, art, music, and dance, the dabkeh, arm in arm the dancers moved and philosophy.

El Hage, from Notre Dame University, created beautiful choreographed steps.

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English into both the French and Italian languages. The academic conference was not merely about Lord Dr. El Hage explained the different levels and abuses of Byron; it taught me and all who attended the history of such translations. Professor N. Oueijan, also from Notre Greece, its literature, and its people.

A Tale of reading his works. Other students from universities Greece discussed by Dr. Schonia; for instance, I never around the world made presentations which made knew the term euphrasia was a combination of both the me feel quite competitive with them. I discovered European and Asian continents, both in an exchange and that my linguistic skills and knowledge were not less mingling of cultures as well as trade.

Rachel McKee, than theirs. This gave me a lot of self-confidence. Grace Nakhoul, Ms. Rouba Wordsworth and Byron teach us to belong; she limited Douaihy, Ms. Douaihy excelled in her paper regarding time and location to depart from Missolonghi port for Byron and the Sufi Poets, such as Hafez and Firdausi, a wonderful sailing experience, crossing the lagoon and her paper was selected by the Byron committee and visiting the isle of Vassiladi, where Byron landed on as the best.

I personally congratulated Rouba not only January 5, and whence his remains left on the ship for this, but for her excellent defense of her thesis. Florida via Zakynthos for England in May And in I said to Rouba: Grace Nakhoul Katraki, where the Katraki writes stories of the human mentioned all the Western women the great poet had life and of the human condition in engravings of rock affairs with, or was in a relationship with, and the and stone.

The day came to an end with the visit to reason why he later on was seduced by the East and the Folklore Museum, where I personally felt at home. The most important thing we learned in Missolonghi was to appreciate what we On Thursday morning, participants and guests in the have and to improve it. I would definitely like to go back conference all attended the wreath-laying ceremony to Missolonghi. The people I met are constantly in my at the site where Byron breathed his last on April 19, thought and prayers. Naji Oueijan for giving us this wonderful a memorial column to him, to commemorate the educational opportunity; and thank you Missolonghi for centennial of his death.

Rosa Florou, one of the teaching us to value what we have, and to interact with organizers of the conference, touched us deeply while others with an open and loving heart, regardless of our we were there when she bought a bouquet of lavender differences. The sight was spectacularly emotional. In order to regain our sense of ease and comfort, we paid a visit to the Garden of Heroes, an extensive memorial garden with many monuments, stretching alongside the defensive walls of Missolonghi.

Next came a long journey to St. Symeon Monastery built in the 18th century on the slopes of Mount Arakinthos. In the middle of orange and pine trees, this small monastery includes a sacred church with marvelous architecture; on the ceiling are images of saints in expressive colors reflecting the religious mood of the location. Recent years have witnessed rapid advances in the application of modern biotechnology. Plantations of transgenic crops across the world have increased dramatically in the last few years.

A transgenic crop is a plant crop that contains a gene which has been artificially inserted instead of acquired through natural pollination. The primary traits are herbicide tolerance and insect resistance. The traits are inserted using What are the effects of GM food and crops on our Bacillus turengensis [Bt] bacteria. By , four crops dominated use of fertilizers and pesticides, the theoretical health the agricultural sector. These were soybean, maize, implications arising from modern biotechnology reside in cotton and oilseed rape.

In , transgenic field crops the adverse effects of the inserted gene such as toxicity, reached million ha. What are the food safety and biosafety measures undertaken at global and national levels? Examples of transgenic crops: Potential for prolamins. Nature to intentionally increased levels of beta-carotene, but it biotechnology, 20, Donaldson, L. Health Implications of Genetically Modified Food. Possible effects of Trans to human health. The protocol requires parties to make gene flow from crops on the genetic diversity from decisions on import of LMOs for intentional introduction landraces and wild relatives.

Biosafety Res. James, C, GM Crops: Ithaca, NY. The law takes into account consumer rights in terms of impact on Pustzai, A. Genetically human health and labeling of GM products. The law still Modified Foods: Potential Human Health Effects. The CPB was ratified in F. Food Safety: CAB A biosafety law was developed in The law International.

Accordingly Chalak, L. Technical Requirements four GM crop categories have been developed. Sattout, E. National Biosafety Framework for Lebanon. Aubrieta libano Orchid Hypercoum imberbe Occupying a large area in the most neglected region in Lebanon, Akkar and Donnieh contain a natural heritage of great importance to the country and to the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

The region extends over Pischikina scilloides various Mediterranean life zones and a mosaic of all Lebanese Mediterranean forest types. The astonishing biological diversity which is the effect of biogeography, Now come with me on a virtual hike tracking the geology, ecology, and history and the diversity of social lovely paths in northern valleys and on high mountain and cultural aspects are immediately perceived in the peaks where you can enjoy Mediterranean mountain mosaic effect so typical of Mediterranean landscapes. The whole region has plant species among which seventeen are endemics We will start at low are relicts.

Extant faunas and floras of the Mediterranean Qammoua forests The colonizers will take you on an enchanting tour to see the Calabrian constitute the vast majority of present day-species. Located at the cross-roads of three continents L. Arene] and salvia, etc. In the vicinity of these, the gazing Akkar el-Attika Oxford University Press. Reaching the highest altitude in this region you will pass by the Turkey oak [Quercus cerris, L. In the Context of World Biodiversity.

Dinsmore Flora of Syria, Palestine libanotica Boiss. American Press. Barbero hermoneus, Boiss. If Sattout, E. Setting the path towards the enjoy the seasonal wetlands formed in the plateau of establishment of an integrated national park in North Qammoua surrounded by juniper forest extensions This article shows how to enhance the University in order to attract the Nizam Daher handicapped to join.

At the end of the article, Major: In the age of science and technology, physically disabled people are still struggling to have their place as effective members of society. Some public utilities still do not apply the minimum requirements for handicapped accessibility to make life easier for physically disabled people. The benefit from our project would be to decrease discrimination among the students in Lebanon.

Here are some findings that can help most handicapped and wheel-chaired people to mingle in society: Classrooms and Cafeteria The classrooms should be spaced for easy wheelchair access and desks should be removed upon request to make room for wheel-chaired people.

In the case of a classroom with long tables, wheelchairs should be placed so that a handicapped person may be seated normally like the rest of the students. Encouraging wheel-chaired people to join our University. Improving the classes to fit wheel-chaired people. Parking 3. Developing the parking lot for easier access.

As we all know, we have serious problems in the parking 4. Constructing ramps and rails. It is so hard for us to reach the classes from the park 5. Enhancing the restrooms for the benefit of wheel- since it is far away. What about wheel-chaired people? How could it be made easier for them to enter the University?

Well, some action should be taken about Such a project will admittedly need a lot of money and this problem if we want to attract the handicapped in time, but on the other hand it will certainly allow our general. Some of these modifications may be summarized University to become the first of its kind that has full as follows: Applying this project would - Provision for adequate passage and maneuvering space have benefits for both the University and the wheel- to accommodate handicapped transit from sidewalks chaired people.

The University would gain a public and passenger loading zones to the closest serviceable image as a leader in society and those in wheelchairs building access. We -Parking spaces for disabled people bearing the enjoyed working on this assignment and have gained recognized symbol at least 96cms in width, having an good experience through this report in researching, adjacent access aisle 60cms in width.

We hope that this project will be taken university building for easier access. Facebook is a social networking service and website launched know a person. Although Facebook has made in February As of January , Facebook has more than it easy for people to get to know each other, million active users.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg social Interactions are becoming less and less with a couple of his college roommates. Outrageously, people of used due to the existence of social networks all ages and all cultures chronicle their lives by building online and instant messenger. If people continue profiles, finding and making new friends, sharing information and to constantly use these social networks as photographs, posting comments and doing much more. Cyber Awareness means knowing how to keep your computer Facebook is good for staying in contact safe and secure.

Most importantly, it means protecting your with friends, but we need to understand personal information. In the case of Facebook, there are several that these sites can be used to some considerations to meditate before having an online profile. Sometimes we get in contact with fake people. Such deleterious Reference: Another disadvantage of Facebook is the availability of our personal profile on the Internet for many people to see. Facebook made it possible to find out quite a lot about a person without ever speaking to them.

In roots , two University of Wisconsin graduate students , he had successful surgery to remove the pancreatic who gave their unnamed son up for adoption. Lacking guidance, he dropped out his death at the age of Although I am a mac user, I did not know much about Steve Jobs before he publically resigned a couple of Jobs later recounted how one course in calligraphy months ago.

It was then that I began to explore this very developed his love of the art. He trusted that makes great typography great… Ten years later, we the dots would somehow connect in the future, believed designed it all into the Mac. It was the first computer in destiny, life and karma, and eventually became the with beautiful typography and if I had never dropped man behind not only Apple but behind much of the new in on that single course in college, the Mac would have technology that is changing our world.

According to Steve: Design is garage. At the time, they were highly credited for how it works. Even Bill Gates said it was what he envied most By the year , Apple Computers became a publically in him: Gates, hardware and software company called NeXT, Inc. The following year he purchased an animation company that later became Pixar Animation Studios, which produced If you have a cell phone, if you listen to music, if you use a wildly popular animation films such as Toy Story, Finding computer at all, Steve Jobs has made a difference. He has Nemo and The Incredibles.

Les gestes ex: On peut ainsi observer: Or, les signes autistiques sont durables. En effet, - troubles du tonus: Every drop of salty water gushing from your eyes carries with it bitter reflections. Every drop implies merciless stabs, ones which are residues of scars and tears within. It is amazing how the eyes flicker and shine with helplessness just before the weakest of tears makes its way down the abused cheek whilst collecting shattered pieces of a hurtful past story.

Memories of rape, violence, and torment produce a generation of their brutal kind inside the unstable mind. You weeper of tears, what sort of victim are you? And you at least are not alone; releasing those tears from within calms your pain. It is good to take time for the release of tears, surrendering weaknesses to moments of tranquility. Playing the hero all day under a mask of fearlessness is not easy.

The birth of these tears begins with every new heartbeat, every new life, for the first experience a man ever had was that of crying. You might fear that these little drops of water trickling down your cheek might be shameful and disfigure your manhood, but that fear is only the reflection of your inner being. Your eyes are the only witness to your bitterness and only they know how to release you from hurtful stories of the past in the form of those clear drops.

Take time to cry these tears which have their worth, for they come to ease your forward progress in life. If what you shed are not tears of misery, they must be tears of wisdom and ultimate bliss. Tears designate our humanity, drops of water from rushing streams within. In both Britain and France bishops nobody entering my house ever hears the sound and other clergy were receiving their appointment for of children weeping. I have taught my children purely political reasons and had no spiritual life that never to cry when I flog them.

John and of John Dewey and the Progressive Educationalists. Charles were driven to seek their congregations in any However, she must not be judged by one statement building available and even in the open air. Against the taken out of context. In fact she was a remarkable gloomy Calvinist tradition they preached a Christ-centred woman with high but practical ideals.

In , at the age of nineteen, she was improve their social status, forming an industrious and married to Samuel Wesley. They were always hard God-fearing society. This was known as the Wesleyan up for money and twice their house was burnt down. Methodist movement. The couple had nineteen children, nine of whom died Susannah lay down fourteen rules for bringing up as infants. The most famous child, the fifteenth, was children, binding parents and children alike. They were John Wesley the religious revivalist.

Susannah could based on sound psychology and several show deep have received very little formal education, if any, but all sympathy and understanding. John went on to obtain an MA at Oxford, while 1. Allow no eating between meals. At this time the For a certain time, Susannah and her husband lived only lighting was by candles, so early to bed and early apart as the result of disagreement, with the children to rise! During this period, she wrote the absent Samuel the following letter: Require them to take medicine without complaining.

Those were days when most medicine tasted horrible. I am a woman, but I am also a mistress of a large family. Subdue self-will in a child and thus work together with And although the superior charge of the souls contained God to save his soul. Teach each one to pray as soon as he can speak. Give them nothing that they cry for and only what nor a minister, yet as a mother and a mistress I felt I they ask for politely.

I resolved to 7. To prevent lying, punish no fault which is first confessed begin with my own children; in which I observe the following method: I take such a proportion of my time and repented of. Never allow a sinful act to go unpunished. Never punish a child twice for the same offence. Wednesday with Nancy, Thursday with Jacky, Friday with Commend and reward all good behaviour. Patty, Saturday with Charles. The English here does not always conform to modern usage.

Reserve property rights, even to the smallest matters. One can only admire the way conscience and religion It should be commended. In fact through her sons John Strictly observe all promises. Teach children to fear the rod. A should understand that any sanction is applied for their few years ago a Muslim school in England applied for own good and never because parent or teacher has lost state funding. Government inspectors came, no doubt self-control. Now what the world needs most in politics, expecting something like a Taliban madrassa.

They were in education, in public administration or in any other agreeably surprised to find excellent discipline and a activity is conscience. Let Susannah Wesley serve as an very high standard of studies. The only trouble was that example. In fact it was never used; it was enough that the boys knew it was there.

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It showed they were tough. Detention for bad work or behaviour is far more effective on condition that it is strictly applied according to rules. These were women demanding the right of suffrage, women having so far been classed with lunatics and criminals as being unable to vote. One satirist wrote an article demanding the right to vote for monkeys. The insulting implications for women are clear. In any case, it was thought, women would only vote as their husbands directed them.

Women chained themselves to the railings of public buildings and systematically smashed windows. But violent protest subsided had being passed in those days to their husbands. In and had shown their ability. Women those bound by tradition, much remains to be done pinned their hopes on the Liberal government which for women and for minorities, numerical or political.

June of that year. Or else? To keep the equilibrium exchange rate exchange rate as an anchor in the post stabilization equal to its target, the central bank intervenes on the program. Since currency. Therefore, the essence of a fixed exchange , the Central Bank has maintained a currency tightly rate system is to adjust the money supply in order to banded against the US dollar.

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Even though the Lebanese keep the equilibrium exchange rate equal to the pound has hovered around since September , announced exchange rate. Thus, money supply increases it has withstood severe pressures and predictions of an if exchange rate is above its target level and decreases impending currency crisis. The Central Bank intervened if it is below its target level.

To maintain exchange rates many times on the currency market when the Lebanese fixed, stabilization policy requires important reserves of pound came under severe market pressure. During these foreign currencies. The Mundell-Fleming model explains periods the Central Bank faced a decrease in its foreign well this adjustment.

The latter shows major episodes of intervention by the Central Bank in support The Lebanese monetary policy in the postwar period of the Lebanese pound. To fight the currency market. Figure 1: The exchange rate attract funds to finance the reconstruction plan, the based stability policy, in conjunction with persistent Central Bank raised interest rates.

This resulted in a rise deficits and growing public debt, led to sluggish in real interest rate that created a rentier economy with economic growth and put an end to the short-lived Dutch disease effects. It also caused a crowding-out postwar reconstruction boom. Lebanon faced a period effect of private investment. Commercial credits to the with real GDP growth in well below the private sector stagnated and were crowded-out by the early postwar era. Thus, corruption of the public sector, commercial banks supply of credit to the public sector. The instability caused the failure of the Horizon plan.

Do we profit? A fixed was The crisis was aggravated after two countries easier and more predictable. It is especially 1 Figure 1 is compiled from data available on www. Normally, an Lebanese economy. As shown in table 1 , terms of trade expansionary monetary policy lowers the exchange rate. If it had been the case, the Lebanese economy could Thus, the money supply returns to its original level. Because the Central Bank guarantees a fixed and more competitive. Or maybe a basket of foreign exchange market and then sell them to the Central Bank currencies? Thus, the money supply returns to its original level.

Hence, monetary policy is ineffectual. This rush, in a fragile economy like the Lebanese economy, may be caused by rumors that Table 1: Lebanese foreign trade the Central Bank will abandon the exchange rate peg. Thus, such a system should be abandoned smoothly and gradually before it becomes completely rooted in Fixed exchange rate and time horizon: A fixed the household and company psychology.

To avoid the exchange rate system fixes the nominal exchange rate. The latter time horizon. In the long run prices are flexible and real and the US dollar creation by the Lebanese private exchange rate can change even if the nominal exchange banks had resulted in a high dollarization in Lebanon. Therefore, in the long run a fixed exchange The only monetary instrument available for the Central rate based stability system will not fix the real exchange Bank now is to keep the spread between the Lebanese rate. It will influence the money supply and consequently discount rate and the American Federal Funds rate high.

In the short run prices are sticky, thus a In order to control money creation in US dollars and thus fixed exchange rate will also fix the real exchange rate. After a high dollarization and dollar creation private investment outflow. Under a fixed exchange rate by national banks will the next step be an abandon of the only objective of monetary policy is maintaining an the LBP toward the US dollar? Other targets such as stabilizing employment and prices are neglected. It is known that a nation cannot have a free Should we free the monetary policy and adopt a capital market, a fixed exchange rate and an independent floating exchange rate?

Especially that unemployment monetary policy. This is known as the impossible trinity. The other two options. The first is a floating exchange rate Lebanese economy relies on transfers from the Lebanese with the risk of a volatile exchange rate but with a free Diaspora to their relatives living inside the country.

The capital market and an independent monetary policy. Because of 2 See the Euromonitor Iternational Statitics website. Joseph Yacoub Psychology Program Humanity possesses freedom of speech, logic, rationality As it is for the body, so it is for the brain. Contemporary and all the faculties and their contingencies. In humanity research in neurology shows us that the human brain we grasp, though maybe without understanding, other is neither logical nor rational.

Logic and rationality human beings and we live our underlying unity. Living are acquired through human development. The brain cannot displace their preconditions. Humanity makes of the child is the best exemplification of this ability to them possible through its two pillars, the body and the grasp. Unfortunately, education emphasizes logic and mind brain. I shall discuss each separately.

Being The biological body, as Terry Eagleton teaches us, divorced from their childhood, students are taught to reminds us that we are all equal. There is no one person think logically and rationally without encouragement superior to the other, for superiority implies arrogance of the ability to grasp. Logic and rationality must be and hatred.

We all breathe the same way, go to the complemented by feelings and emotions in order that bathroom the same way and digest our food the same they may have the ability to grasp totalities rather than way. Unfortunately, the tidal wave of making ourselves only particulars. Neurology shows us that any idea more beautiful is eclipsing the grace of spiritual beauty.

The issue of humanity must be introduced as a Although the tendency to interiorization had never universal existence the same as life and death. Within this context, education blends all the human faculties in the same way that a master chef blends all the Essentially, humanity cannot be defeated so long ingredients for a delicious meal. The art of cooking is a as it strives for its perfectibility. Even death cannot great metaphor for education. That is why I recommend conquer it.

Escoffier to its nature. It assumes itself in a Similarly, humanity is the stock of education. Accordingly, the faculties possessed proofs. The tools must not be prioritized over their by humanity are like time chronos. They survey the precondition that possesses them. However, go to school. Our contemporary education is enamored by virtuous actions, these faculties water the gradual of roles, models, experiments and their like, which are fulfillment of the human spirituality.

We are dealing with a compilation of the body that sheds itself to naught. That is why I of knowledge similar to a high-rise in New York which think that the fashion of excessive revealing of the body is composed of an accumulation of floors. Questions points to a spiritual death. Mephistopheles declares come from the heart as well as from a witty mind, turgid himself to Faust as a being who cannot go beyond the with the passion that creates allegories and metaphors skin.

Goethe also teaches us that knowledge is like the which help to grasp the revelations of the hidden parts skin. If it is not linked to human spirituality, it will ever of life. It is grasping cooked with the inner virtues of the remain deprived of passion and wisdom. Mephistopheles is highly depth of a consecrated humanity. That is why Mephistopheles is not strong; only rather than that of the objective certainty, about the human weakness responds to him. Sometimes human validity of which the New Physics has some doubts.

Love, weakness overwhelms strength, but it cannot conquer sincerity, compassion, care, etc. It makes them coexist harmoniously under the title What is it Like to Be a Bat? In this article within the framework of an imperfectability striving for he recommends the bridging of the subjective and perfectibility.

It is a promise strengthened by virtue which the objective. To a great extent, the academic world, both solidify the inner life of the person. Humanity is naively following the achievements of the Age of the a smiling gaze that grasps different and contradictory Enlightenment, has stressed the primacy of reason, of traces and puts them in an articulate form. It reconciles which Voltaire makes fun in his book Candide.

In the pathology and normality. It prefers the person to his same vein, Chesterton, who breathed the air of British picture. Humanity floats and hovers. It contains, but empiricism, tells us that a mad person is not one who has cannot be contained. As it floats and hovers it makes lost his mind but one who has lost everything except his knowledge the daughter of a floating and hovering mind.

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Psychologically speaking, the paranoid is a good attention; and as it contains but cannot be contained it example of this. He is one who has used his reason to houses our spiritual homes in the Eternal. It grasps the excess. To be a prisoner of reason is a malady of the general and articulates within it the particular. Reason must take possible spiritual and intellectual worlds rather than refuge in the heart and vice versa.

We need a reasonable restricting the mind within oppressive contingencies. It reason as well as a reasonable desire, as Aristotle teaches does not allow us to be deceived by others. Humanity us. This is what the life of virtue demands of us; there is thankfulness expressed in the breath of life. Freedom of say that humanity is the mobilizing virtue of the heart speech cannot confiscate humanity.

It implies ideas and and the mind: But should we change humanity, its become partners in destruction. Our humanity is not our spirituality does not change since this un-changeability memories, not our ideas, not our feelings and emotions, offers us the dignity of transcendence.

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It is our lived presence-of- an-unexpected-life that fills us with well-spirited-being Humanity, gracefully in love, implies equality. By this I beyond the threshold of time. For this humanity the jaws of hell will being is interchangeable like a part in a machine.

What never yawn. I mean is that equality is is complementarity in diversity. Psychologically speaking, it does not entangle feelings, Visiting Turkey Sally Akiki FAAD student It all happened as part of the bioclimatic architecture course that develops an understanding of environmental aspects in architectural design and gives the opportunity to use these aspects in the design for a better function. The purpose of this tour was to cross different areas with varying climate and so to observe the effect of the latter on architecture. For this we toured around the perimeter of Turkey.

For ten days we hopped on and off our Pullman, dropping into hotels, touring around an area, and enjoying the sights.. Several factors affect the architecture in the areas we From Day One, we started a new experience by using visited. First of all, the change in continent from the the different transportation means available, namely European to the Asian side leads to a change in the the Pullman coach, which was the main means of cityscape from high-rise buildings to traditional ones.

This village has a rich history from Kingdom of Cappadocia to Roman and Byzantine province and then Turkish Cappadocia. We had the opportunity to pass through the material prosperity. To know how the present is formed, underground villages and visualize their organization, we have to understand past history. In order to do so, from the fantastic underground chimneys that allowed we paid visits to historical sites such as the Aghia Sophia the air to circulate, the defense mechanism, the life mosque, the blue mosque, and Konya.

In addition to this, Natural sites were also included in our visit. We walked we visited churches cut of the rock and decorated with through the waters of Pamukkale. Here, chemical early Christian frescos. In the glow of sunset we enjoyed a mere shelters to actual dwellings. We observed how the wonderful view over the Travertines.

And of course, we were introduced to the Turkish food specialties, folklore dance, music and handmade crafts. As most cities around the world, the introduction of Finally, we had to come home. Melki organizing. We were a group of nine people from NDU, including the Dean. Just by riding in the coach from the airport, to the hotel downtown, you can already see how beautiful the city is, with its low-level pitched roofs on the city peripheries, and the high rises in the city center. After that it was conference time: Topics were quite varied: I mention this because the gathering, along with the food that was served, really left an impression on me; from the two-meter long beer pitcher that was eventually consumed!

So for that I want to thank Mr. Melki, Dr. Jean-Pierre el-Asmar, Mr. Nicolas Gabriel, Dr. Fishfish, Dr. Iskandar, Dr. Hani Zgheib, Dr. Younes, Mr. Chartouni and Miss Kristine Samra for putting up with me during the years! I also want to thank Ms. Eliane Harfouche and Ms. Jessica The conference organizers also put together two trips Saba for all the help that I got from the financial aid office, to sustainable buildings around Brussels: Cynthia The conference would usually go on till 6pm.

Sfeir, Ms. They are all family and that was the routine for the next three days. On the other hand, Al-Bastakia remains one of the In fact, it has to be considered in all human actions and rare examples of indigenous architecture in Dubai. In our field, one aspect of being The scenery is dominated by an endless number of green is to be able to design with the least damage to towers competing in a race towards the moon.

These the environment. The first step is to study how buildings towers are living proof of what ambition and abuse of are adapted to their context in the different geographic resources can achieve. In such towers as Burj Al Arab and climatic zones of the world. First, the visit to Al-Bastakia showed us firsthand how After this trip, the main question remains: The buildings of Al-Bastakia are made Or should we redirect our dreams towards a greener of local materials — coral-reef stones — and included path?

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